Richard Serra, Torqued Ellipses


An Urban Flowerbox

The Jianianhua Center in China defines a new kind of civic landmark, one that establishes a meaning and presence through an innovative integration of architecture and graphic design. Through the unexpected application of common billboard technology, a glass volume is transformed into dynamic architecture. Learn more


Turning Bridge-Building Sideways

In 1978, SOM architect Myron Goldsmith and engineer T.Y. Lin created a remarkable structure to span the challenging middle fork of California’s American River. Ruck-A-Chucky Bridge elegantly solves the problem of building a stable, economical structure across a wide, steep gorge by entirely rethinking the principles of bridge-building. A “hanging arc,” the bridge was to be suspended by 80 high-strength cables and balanced by tensile forces. Though unbuilt, Ruck-A-Chucky Bridge stands as a masterwork of innovative design and structural economy to this day. Learn more


Suited for Summer: Jinao Tower

In Nanjing, China, Jinao Tower’s faceted double-skin facade provides both solar shading and excellent insulation in the hot summer months. Vented openings in the outermost curtain wall allow wind pressure to draw built-up heat out of the chamber, lowering temperatures indoors. Learn more

Great track. Found on John Talabot’s mix for the DJ Kicks series.

Isamu Noguchi’s “Red Cube” at the Marine Midland Building. (at 140 Broadway, New York, NY)


Celebrating a Design Legend

Davis Allen, famed pioneer of interior design, sits on a throne of his own making – the Andover Chair. He joined SOM in 1950, where his comprehensive approach to interior design would establish and elevate the discipline. While serving the firm for 40 years, Allen also designed furniture for several notable manufacturers. He was among the first inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 1985. This Sunday would have been his 98th birthday.

"It always looked like the future."

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